Ride the Slingshot

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Ride the Slingshot

slingshotYou know as you take your seat in the Slingshot this is no ordinary amusement ride.

Your Mind is racing…heart beating like a drum…and your throat is dry!

For you are about to be catapulted vertically at over 100 miles per hour

You hear the machinery groaning as over 40 tons of energy is stored into a gigantic box called the Springs Machine. The launch capsule tilts back placing you in a reclined position and you sense it’s almost release time.Then here it comes…


Frequently referred to as the Best Ride in the World, the Slingshot offers a unique high adrenaline experience that has taken the amusement market by storm.

Slingshot Introduction

This innovative Slingshot amusement device is by far one the most exciting vertical amusement rides available today.

Slingshot passengers are propelled over 100 metres at speeds in the region of 160 kilometers per hour.

The Slingshot machine does not utilize rubber ropes or bungee cords but is powered by a patented spring propulsion device incorporating up to 720 specially designed springs.

The Slingshot can be custom designed to cause minimal disruption to existing venues. This includes tower designs that consume a few square metres of land and use elevated gondola loading platforms where space is at a premium.

For the ultimate thrill ride Funtime has Slingshot designs able to propel the passenger capsule more than 150 metres high. Other designs are available that have a passenger capacity of around 240 passengers per hour.



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